Standards-based, so they're future-proofed

DOM Components

Open source DOM components that embrace the 7 facets of great component design: encapsulation, isolation, separation, modularization, distribution, customization, and documentation.


Site-specific favorites dialog

Give repeat visitors a way to save local pages to a website-specific list of favorites.


Tenary Trie word look-ahead

Search dialog box for use with the semwords, sitewords, and site search tools from Read Write Tools.


A classy dialog box

Classic W3C web component for dialog boxes, with content either slotted from page elements or cloned from a declarative template.


Website pull-out navigation

Navigation menu with auto-scroll and default activation of the current page's menu item.

Corner Pocket

Website popup menu

Corner-pocket popup menu with default activation of the current page's menu item.

The Lineup

All the usual suspects

A flexible pulldown menu using round icons as hyperlinks.

Reading Points

Percentage read, reading time & points

Briefly display the experience points a visitor will gain when reading a document, then track the document percentage read, and the elapsed reading time.

Reading Summary

Display a visitor's reading history

A dialog summarizing the documents seen by the user, together with reading time, and experience points gained.

“Kanji” Designer Card

Discover and reveal text over image

Designer card with a horizontal title, a vertically transformed subtitle, and text revealed when the mouse is over the card's image.


Multi-panel story with cool effects

Create a dynamic multi-panel story with animated auto-sequencing

File Tabs

For multitasking UI/UX

Switch between active views using a file-tab interface.


Standing on the shoulders of giants

References to related documents, using standardized styling.

Nested Menu

Multi-column expandable dropdown

Navigation panel with items grouped into two levels.


Search popular tech websites

Search popular tech forums for questions and answers related to this document.

DOM Components — Standards-based, so they're future-proofed

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