Dynamic Plugins

Add new RWSERVE work-order handlers

A collection of free and open source Read Write Serve HTTP/2 Web Server plugins for ready use or customization.

Read Write Serve Plugin SDK

Develop high quality RWSERVE plugins

A collection of functions, classes, and enums to develop plugins that adhere to the basic design of the HTTP/2 server software.

Custom Header

A simple but useful first plugin

A custom header and value are added to every outgoing response that matches a given path-pattern.

Multi Upload

Accept multipart/form-data

Upload images, PDFs, data files and other binary resources using the built-in FormData capabilities of HTML and JavaScript.

Brute Force

Detect and block repetitive POSTs

Temporarily blacklist an IP address that attempts to POST too many times in a given period.

Lorem Ipsum

Dolor sit amet

Use this to test the working functionality of a new plugin with payloads of various sizes, either deterministically or randomly.


Probe file system for lowercase filename

When an equivalent filename with lowercase letters exists, return with a status code of "302 Found" and a location header.


Classic REST API for MySQL/MariaDB

Access a database using HTTP with JSON-encoded request and response bodies using classic REST methods: PUT, PATCH, DELETE, GET.


Send mail using server-side JavaScript

Send a confirmation email to a designated recipient when a properly configured POST is received.

Visitor Count

Distinguish robots from humans

Triggered each time a web browser requests your website's favicon.ico. Robots ignore this file, making this an easy way to count human visitors.


Shoulders of giants

Add references to documents by interscribing text into an existing file.

Dynamic Plugins — Add new RWSERVE work-order handlers

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